Cherry Picker Hire

Cherry Picker Hire

Health and safety law changes in the UK to protect the workforce from injury and harm have led to many improvements in working practices and none more so than the necessity for cherry picker hire for safe access to high reach areas.

Gone are the days of ladders propped against walls and all the accidents that used to be associated with accessing heights with temporary solutions. Ladders were always designed as a means to climb to a different height, not to be a platform to work from which is where many accidents used to occur.

Cherry pickers along with scissor lifts and material and personnel platforms provide a safe and secure way to work at height for a wide variety of applications.

Whether you are a sign maker installing a new sign on a building, an electrician working at height, decorators, maintenance, stock pickers in warehouses, an access lift is the safe and secure way to get up to where you need to be.

Material lifts are ideal for construction and stock picking, personnel lifts are ideally suited for getting people up to height and scissor lifts and cherry pickers for heavy lifting of multiple personnel in a variety of applications.

Cherry Picker

Cherry pickers are perfectly suited when a scissor lift isn’t. Scissor lifts are great for simple lifting applications, whereas cherry pickers offer flexibility to reach those harder to access areas across uneven ground, over obstacles etc.

Whatever access solution you need for safe height access, ask Liftright Access for advice about the best access lift solution for your needs. Whether you have a one off need for an access lift or are looking to hire, lease or buy access equipment for regular access, Liftright have a wide range of machines from all the top manufacturers.


Apprenticeships in the UK

A Look at Apprenticeships

The wide ranging changes in further education that started in the early 1990’s, are still going on.

Higher education colleges are going the same way of Polytechnic colleges before them, rightly or wrongly, for better or for worse, they are being subsumed into modern universities.

Some, are even granted university status whilst they are free-standing. The drive to give more young people a Continue reading Apprenticeships in the UK

The J.I. Case Corporation

The J.I. Case Corporation

The industrial revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was pioneered by inspired individuals and progressive companies, and its inventions and innovations changed more than the world of industry. The Case Corporation was one of these companies.

Agriculture slowly picked up and adapted the new inventions and concepts that were shaping the new faces of manufacturing and began to mould innovations such as the steam engine to the fields and barns of farms.

Nowhere was the potential for change more ready than the vast wheat fields of the American Midwest and the Continue reading The J.I. Case Corporation

Speeding, Safety & the Law


Without doubt, in the last fifteen years or so, the biggest increase in motoring offences has been that of speeding.

Even considering the gradual decline in policemen on our roads, and despite budget cuts and limitations, the growth in speed camera use has led to a hitherto unseen explosion in the volumes of drivers prosecuted for excess speed offences.

Three types of cameras are mostly responsible, fixed camera such as Truvelo & Gatso, SPECs constant speed cameras and mobile vans and Continue reading Speeding, Safety & the Law

What Is Good Web Design?

Web Design & Development

To make a website work as it should, it’s vital to put all the basics in place in terms of the foundations that are required if your visitors are going to have a good experience using your website.

It used to be the case that any published website would be enough to allow easy access and give you exposure online.

With the rapid changes in smaller phones and tablets that has Continue reading What Is Good Web Design?