What Is Good Web Design?

Web Design & Development

To make a website work as it should, it’s vital to put all the basics in place in terms of the foundations that are required if your visitors are going to have a good experience using your website.

It used to be the case that any published website would be enough to allow easy access and give you exposure online.

With the rapid changes in smaller phones and tablets that has occurred in the last few years, older sites that are not designed to appear on small screens are now at a severe disadvantage compared to mobile friendly sites.

But, according to Deeho – WordPress Web Design Specialists, it’s not just about having a responsive design, your content also needs to be fast loading, so that there are no delays even on phones and iPads, using 3G networks to connect.

Your Website Needs;

  • Mobile friendly Design
  • Fast Loading
  • Unique Content
  • User Engagement

Load Speed

While it’s clear that fibre optic connectivity is giving a massive boost across the country, there are still millions of people without high speed broadband, especially in rural areas.

Many web designers build sites on the basis that ‘most’ people will have a high speed connection and so the data size of their designs is not very important, however, with over 50% of users connecting on the move using portable devices and mobile 3G and 4G connections, the data size of each web page has never been more important.

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A slow loading website will risk losing over half of its potential visitors, which is obviously catastrophic and potentially very expensive.

Content Quality

The quality of your page content has never been more important either. Google especially compares your content with all the content that it has in its index. If it finds older content that is the same as yours then you won’t rank as well.

It’s important to make sure that your text is unique to you, is well written and is ‘useful’ to your users. You can check the uniqueness of your content usingĀ http://www.copyscape.com.

Engaging Content

In addition to writing useful content, the value of that content is also important. Search engines measure how your users interact with your website, do they stay on page? click links? read other pages?

One of the biggest reasons for your visitors hitting the back button is because they can’t use your site easily on whatever device they are using. You can make your site mobile friendly at Affordable Web Design – CRWD and stop missing out on over 50% of your potential sales.

If your visitors click the back button to find an alternative search result then it can be concluded that your page isn’t a good result for the search term used, so consequently you will drop in the search engines.


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